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    Paycation is a company in the travel industry that uses network marketing to allow anyone to build a business as a Certified Travel Consultant, CTC.

    The Opportunity

    Paycation offers you a great opportunity if you have what it takes to sell travel packages and can build a network of marketers. The company uses its distributors to promote their services or sell them. The customers access discounted costs on hotels and resorts, cruises, vacation packages and car rentals.

    How To Join Paycation

    To become a representative, you pay $79.95. You also need to pay $59.95 monthly for travel membership

    How To Earn An Income

    There are a number of ways through which you can earn income. You can earn commissions, monthly recurring commissions, as well as personal sales commissions, matching coded bonuses, and coded bonuses via sponsoring new distributors and building your team. If you are good at sponsoring new distributors and building your team, you’ll earn more in coded and matching coded bonuses.

    Paycation TravelYou also get residual income, as the company operates on a 3×7 matrix. The matrix fills from top to bottom, and left to right. The matrix not only fills from your efforts, but also those of people above you. There is a spillover volume from the upline. If you have a complete matrix and are qualified, you can receive $25,000 monthly if all the members pay out their monthly fee.

    There are also Diamond Guaranteed Bonuses. These are given based on your earned rank. They range from $2,000 to $250,000.

    Who Can Join?
    Anyone can become a CTC and start their business. You however need to join via an existing member.

    Why Paycation Travel Opportunity?
    A great management team
    The management team is highly experienced in direct sales and network marketing. The CEO and the president have a direct sales background, while the vice president of marketing is experienced in multi-level marketing.

    Its members are offered professional training so as to become CTCs or Referral Travel Consultants. It partners with Xstream Travel to provide training. Xstream is a bonded and licensed travel agency which has existed for 12 years.

    Unlimited Income
    In essence, with Paycation, your income is unlimited, as you can make as much as you can via the different channels of earning income. Your efforts will always pay.

    To be realistic, becoming a travel agent is not a get rich quick scheme. Before you begin getting a high income, there are a few challenges that you will have to face. The most common is a lack of generating new leads and prospects for the business. For you to generate new leads and prospects daily, you need to look for fresh target leads and interested prospects every day. It is impossible to make money without leads, and it becomes virtually impossible to build a profitable business.

    All in all
    There is a lot of potential in the travel niche, since it is a $8 trillion industry. If you have the drive, intelligence to launch a travel agency, build a team of entrepreneurs beneath you, networking skills, and skills that can attract customers, then Paycation is your ideal opportunity. What are you waiting for? Join today.

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