• As the internet and technology keeps evolving as a group here in Amiga Samba, come more and more to the realization that growing an own business can be a rewarding experience if you invest time and resources to get it done. Knowing these facts has driven us to searching for the best and hottest business opportunities at a given time. Searching is exactly how we found Fuxion.

    What is Fuxion All About?

    entrepreneurFuxion nutraceuticals is a company that specializes in the sale of nature-based foods and supplements. It was founded by a team of professionals led by Alvaro zuniga Benavides, a Peruvian engineer who went on to study e-commerce and negotiations in the United States. The company invests in research into traditional health remedies through branches mostly in South America.
    In addition, it provides alternatives to regular food for healthy growth and development amongst all individuals. The company also has a focus on developing the skills of those with a talent in entrepreneurship. As a company Fuxion, aims to develop business and health models to create a sense of responsibility among individuals.

    Fuxion Prolife HighLights

    Sale of health products

    The company has a wide range of products tailored at boosting the health of individuals who take them. To begin the research a group of experts with requisite knowledge in food science and biotechnology developed the supplements. Fuxion Spoke’s person, explains that the company has taken the necessary patents to receive the green light from the health industry to produce the supplements, some of which include teas, smoothies, soft drinks and a whole array of supplements for the body and mind.
    Fuxion is keen to point out that all supplements have combined ancient cultures and knowledge to come up with products that are genuinely helpful and completely natural.

    Entrepreneurship opportunities

    Fuxion provides an opportunity for those willing to work on a business model and make profit. To become a member, you have to sign up as a distributor by paying a fee after which you obtain a membership kit. From there, you can distribute the product to the consumers, earning commissions on the sales you make. Over time, you can build a network of people you initiate into the program, earning when they join and when they recruit others, in a multi-level scheme.

    There are advantages to be gained from becoming a fuxion member. You get to qualify for discounted products from the company, enjoying a wide range of health products at a markedly lower price. You also have the opportunity to break away and work on your own after fulfilling some conditions. In addition, the avenues for getting money span across 15 categories. In some instances, you can earn up to 43% of the sales you generate as well as up to over 50% of the revenue you help the firm generate from bringing in others and working as a team. The entrepreneurial code in fuxion has strict regulations governing the conduct of entrepreneurs and they encompass loyalty, respect, gratitude and commitment.

    How to Go about joining Fuxion Prolife?

    To sign up, you need to buy a membership kit after which the company gives you a code for identity. Designated staff members will then give you on-the-job training sessions. Later, you can start distributing products and signing up members, earning from their recruitment and from the generations of new entrants they recruit.

    Starting out as a purely product based entity, Fuxion has grown in scope, increasing their reach across the world, the range of products they sale and the types of services they specialize in. Currently, the entrepreneurship project has a big pull factor for young people interested in starting and owning businesses.

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