• We love to stay relevant and current with everything happening in the world to help our Amiga Samba Group stay on top and feel like we must take the time to shed light on a brand new network marketing business opportunity, UFun Club and UToken digital currency.

    There is already plenty of online MLM Businesses out there, but even in this overloaded crowd of unworthy programs, this opportunity launched by uFun claims a distinct stand.

    Many argue and dispute this is primarily due to its unique features as well as the global demand for a stable digital currency, uFun looks to offer your investment in UToken as secure and safe for the long haul.

    ufun reviewuFun has introduced their virtual currency, the uToken, which can be exchanged online for goods and services just like cash. And in addition to that, it enables the members to discounts and coupons for purchase on different sites and shopping malls around the Internet. Think Bitcoin a few years ago, but possibly and potentially more stable and backed by a real mining contract. However, the unique part of the uFun Group business model lies in its unique compensation system that allows members and affiliates to promote uToken as an international trading exchange.

    Many who are associated with uFUN and uTOKEN are getting bent out of shape discussing the “sky’s the limit” with how much income you can make based on the extremely low value of uToken right now (at the time of current research the uTOKEN is worth roughly $.14 per but is expected to rise quickly as it gains USA interest and marketshare).

    It begs the next question to be if the virtual currency market seems charming to you, and you believe in your skills to be a successful marketer within the uFun Network Marketing Business, it may be just the perfect fit for you in 2015 and beyond. Our uFun review will provide our valued readers with an overall perspective about the company and their business model.

    uFun and uTokens Business Opportunity Review

    The UFUN International Group was established in the year 2014 with the aim to be the largest e-commerce platform in the world. The uTokens are a uFun created digital currency that can be traded on utokens.com and exchanged on sites like ubartertrade.com and ubtmall.com – from these sites UFun’s UTokens can also be exchanged for goods and services such as flights, hotels, clothes and even cars. Upon early research, uTokens do feel legitimate in regards to being a usable currency in digital form backed by a prominent bank reserve.

    The business model introduced by uFun revolves around uTokens and uPoints. By employing your network marketing skills you can earn different types of bonus in the form of uPoints and even direct cash upon payout of buying and selling uTokens themselves. Members can earn rewards for introducing their own team to the business, and as the team keeps on growing they can also earn passive bonus.

    uToken can be purchased only from an official existing member, and different packages of uTokens are available on sale. This is very different than the Bitcoin setup that many digital currency traders are accustomed to.

    These packages are available in 3 types of uToken points, these are:

    • S Point: The online shopping vouchers.
    • P Point: Bunch of products available for free of cost to the member purchasing the package.
    • U Point: It is an uToken multiply voucher.

    The uFUN Group Commission Structure – Truth or Hype?

    ufun truth or hypeThe commission structure and compensation plan of most MLM’s are not ideal but due to the traction uFun Club looks to gain (especially in the USA market compared to Asia) chose to go with the team-incentive model of the popular binary format. Most entrepreneurs love to dive deep into the Truth or Hype discussion because it could be regarded as a ponzi-pyramid scheme or as something that could help international trading and payments go a long way in the future.

    Selling uTokens can be a lucrative business, though it is not compulsory for any member. Selling uTokens can earn you lucrative commission if you buy low and sell high just like people did and have done for years with Bitcoin.

    For promoting and getting someone to join you as a direct referral of uFun, the member gets 7 to 12 percent of the bought package earned (which there are currently 5 different levels to choose from), and as every member grows their network they are rewarded with 7 to 12 percent of the binary compensation plan as well for every new member who joins their organization.

    A Global 1% sell bonus is also awarded to the highest investors which is attracting many big leaguers. The percentage of commission attained depends mainly on the level of the existing member and also the level of the new member joining the group. There are total 5 member levels (1 through 5 star), and any individuals can join or upgrade their levels as per their wish once they decide to get started. This is why we brought this to your attention because the traction this has gained throughout networking circles has been momentous. It really is the classic truth vs hype ordeal that we must decipher for ourselves.

    The company claims to have already made 50 millionaires in the 2014 itself (which we have not seen direct proof of yet), which was only the first year of their operation. So, if you have the network marketing skills and passion, then taking part in this highly-regarded and much-anticipated uFun Group business opportunity can assist you to attain financial freedom…if you are lucky :)


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