• In simple terms, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a product that comes from fossilized remains of water plants and marine phytoplankton that have taken millions of years to build up.

    Generally, there are two types of diatomaceous earth: industrial grade and food grade. Industrial DE is harmful to humans and animals but food grade DE is harmless and in fact, has numerous benefits to the body when consumed, making it the most common.

    Many people now take one or two teaspoons of diatomaceous earth powder to improve their health. It can be mixed with virtually any liquid including water, grape fruit juice, yogurt, protein shakes, soda pop and so on.

    The Main Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth

    As a naturally occurring compound, food grade DE has numerous health benefits to our bodies partly due to its unique design. When observed under a microscope, it appears like a hollow cylinder with holes all through its sides.


    Scientists have also discovered it has a very strong negative charge. Hence, when you ingest this compound, it attracts and absorbs many positively charged pathogens into its cylinder. In other words, it takes in all the things we want to stay away from including pathogenic fungi, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, parasites, prescription drug residues, heavy metals and radiation.

    Diatomaceous is also a hard and sharp compound. In fact, it is way up there with diamonds. This makes it ideal for body detoxification. First, when we ingest it, it scrubs and sweeps off the packed-on residue we have accumulated as it makes its way down our digestive tract. Second, its sharp edges slice up and kill internal parasites and other tiny organisms lurking in our intestines, which are eliminated when we empty our bowels.

    Food grade DE contains up to 20 trace minerals and an impressive 84% silica. Life without silica is practically impossible. It is necessary for building healthy bones, skin, hair, teeth and nails. As our minerals continue to deplete, our food contains less and less of essential silica. Hence, taking DE every day is an excellent way of supplementing it. When you begin taking diatomaceous Earth, you will experience healthy weight loss, lower blood pressure, less joint pains and revitalizing skin.

    How To Take Diatomaceous Earth

    There are more than 600 Diatomaceous Earth deposits in the U.S but only about 4 rate high in purity to be Food Grade by FDA standards. Thus, the first thing you want to do is find an approved Food Grade DE. If it is your first time taking this compound, start with one teaspoon a day and work your way up to three tablespoons per day. You can mix it with water or virtually any drink of your choice.

    There is no actual taste or flavor to it. Since it does not dissolve in water, mix severally as you drink it to prevent it from settling. DE is safe to take even for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers, but they must take plenty of water as well. Children can also take it in small quantities may be a half teaspoon per day.

  • Here in samba amiga we care about all the new systems and programs that can be used to better the internet experience, but we also like to stay up to date with how different people around the world are using it to improve their lifestyle.

    Paycation is a company in the travel industry that uses network marketing to allow anyone to build a business as a Certified Travel Consultant, CTC.

    The Opportunity

    Paycation offers you a great opportunity if you have what it takes to sell travel packages and can build a network of marketers. The company uses its distributors to promote their services or sell them. The customers access discounted costs on hotels and resorts, cruises, vacation packages and car rentals.

    How To Join Paycation

    To become a representative, you pay $79.95. You also need to pay $59.95 monthly for travel membership

    How To Earn An Income

    There are a number of ways through which you can earn income. You can earn commissions, monthly recurring commissions, as well as personal sales commissions, matching coded bonuses, and coded bonuses via sponsoring new distributors and building your team. If you are good at sponsoring new distributors and building your team, you’ll earn more in coded and matching coded bonuses.

    Paycation TravelYou also get residual income, as the company operates on a 3×7 matrix. The matrix fills from top to bottom, and left to right. The matrix not only fills from your efforts, but also those of people above you. There is a spillover volume from the upline. If you have a complete matrix and are qualified, you can receive $25,000 monthly if all the members pay out their monthly fee.

    There are also Diamond Guaranteed Bonuses. These are given based on your earned rank. They range from $2,000 to $250,000.

    Who Can Join?
    Anyone can become a CTC and start their business. You however need to join via an existing member.

    Why Paycation Travel Opportunity?
    A great management team
    The management team is highly experienced in direct sales and network marketing. The CEO and the president have a direct sales background, while the vice president of marketing is experienced in multi-level marketing.

    Its members are offered professional training so as to become CTCs or Referral Travel Consultants. It partners with Xstream Travel to provide training. Xstream is a bonded and licensed travel agency which has existed for 12 years.

    Unlimited Income
    In essence, with Paycation, your income is unlimited, as you can make as much as you can via the different channels of earning income. Your efforts will always pay.

    To be realistic, becoming a travel agent is not a get rich quick scheme. Before you begin getting a high income, there are a few challenges that you will have to face. The most common is a lack of generating new leads and prospects for the business. For you to generate new leads and prospects daily, you need to look for fresh target leads and interested prospects every day. It is impossible to make money without leads, and it becomes virtually impossible to build a profitable business.

    All in all
    There is a lot of potential in the travel niche, since it is a $8 trillion industry. If you have the drive, intelligence to launch a travel agency, build a team of entrepreneurs beneath you, networking skills, and skills that can attract customers, then Paycation is your ideal opportunity. What are you waiting for? Join today.

  • As the internet and technology keeps evolving as a group here in Amiga Samba, come more and more to the realization that growing an own business can be a rewarding experience if you invest time and resources to get it done. Knowing these facts has driven us to searching for the best and hottest business opportunities at a given time. Searching is exactly how we found Fuxion.

    What is Fuxion All About?

    entrepreneurFuxion nutraceuticals is a company that specializes in the sale of nature-based foods and supplements. It was founded by a team of professionals led by Alvaro zuniga Benavides, a Peruvian engineer who went on to study e-commerce and negotiations in the United States. The company invests in research into traditional health remedies through branches mostly in South America.
    In addition, it provides alternatives to regular food for healthy growth and development amongst all individuals. The company also has a focus on developing the skills of those with a talent in entrepreneurship. As a company Fuxion, aims to develop business and health models to create a sense of responsibility among individuals.

    Fuxion Prolife HighLights

    Sale of health products

    The company has a wide range of products tailored at boosting the health of individuals who take them. To begin the research a group of experts with requisite knowledge in food science and biotechnology developed the supplements. Fuxion Spoke’s person, explains that the company has taken the necessary patents to receive the green light from the health industry to produce the supplements, some of which include teas, smoothies, soft drinks and a whole array of supplements for the body and mind.
    Fuxion is keen to point out that all supplements have combined ancient cultures and knowledge to come up with products that are genuinely helpful and completely natural.

    Entrepreneurship opportunities

    Fuxion provides an opportunity for those willing to work on a business model and make profit. To become a member, you have to sign up as a distributor by paying a fee after which you obtain a membership kit. From there, you can distribute the product to the consumers, earning commissions on the sales you make. Over time, you can build a network of people you initiate into the program, earning when they join and when they recruit others, in a multi-level scheme.

    There are advantages to be gained from becoming a fuxion member. You get to qualify for discounted products from the company, enjoying a wide range of health products at a markedly lower price. You also have the opportunity to break away and work on your own after fulfilling some conditions. In addition, the avenues for getting money span across 15 categories. In some instances, you can earn up to 43% of the sales you generate as well as up to over 50% of the revenue you help the firm generate from bringing in others and working as a team. The entrepreneurial code in fuxion has strict regulations governing the conduct of entrepreneurs and they encompass loyalty, respect, gratitude and commitment.

    How to Go about joining Fuxion Prolife?

    To sign up, you need to buy a membership kit after which the company gives you a code for identity. Designated staff members will then give you on-the-job training sessions. Later, you can start distributing products and signing up members, earning from their recruitment and from the generations of new entrants they recruit.

    Starting out as a purely product based entity, Fuxion has grown in scope, increasing their reach across the world, the range of products they sale and the types of services they specialize in. Currently, the entrepreneurship project has a big pull factor for young people interested in starting and owning businesses.

  • We love to stay relevant and current with everything happening in the world to help our Amiga Samba Group stay on top and feel like we must take the time to shed light on a brand new network marketing business opportunity, UFun Club and UToken digital currency.

    There is already plenty of online MLM Businesses out there, but even in this overloaded crowd of unworthy programs, this opportunity launched by uFun claims a distinct stand.

    Many argue and dispute this is primarily due to its unique features as well as the global demand for a stable digital currency, uFun looks to offer your investment in UToken as secure and safe for the long haul.

    ufun reviewuFun has introduced their virtual currency, the uToken, which can be exchanged online for goods and services just like cash. And in addition to that, it enables the members to discounts and coupons for purchase on different sites and shopping malls around the Internet. Think Bitcoin a few years ago, but possibly and potentially more stable and backed by a real mining contract. However, the unique part of the uFun Group business model lies in its unique compensation system that allows members and affiliates to promote uToken as an international trading exchange.

    Many who are associated with uFUN and uTOKEN are getting bent out of shape discussing the “sky’s the limit” with how much income you can make based on the extremely low value of uToken right now (at the time of current research the uTOKEN is worth roughly $.14 per but is expected to rise quickly as it gains USA interest and marketshare).

    It begs the next question to be if the virtual currency market seems charming to you, and you believe in your skills to be a successful marketer within the uFun Network Marketing Business, it may be just the perfect fit for you in 2015 and beyond. Our uFun review will provide our valued readers with an overall perspective about the company and their business model.

    uFun and uTokens Business Opportunity Review

    The UFUN International Group was established in the year 2014 with the aim to be the largest e-commerce platform in the world. The uTokens are a uFun created digital currency that can be traded on utokens.com and exchanged on sites like ubartertrade.com and ubtmall.com – from these sites UFun’s UTokens can also be exchanged for goods and services such as flights, hotels, clothes and even cars. Upon early research, uTokens do feel legitimate in regards to being a usable currency in digital form backed by a prominent bank reserve.

    The business model introduced by uFun revolves around uTokens and uPoints. By employing your network marketing skills you can earn different types of bonus in the form of uPoints and even direct cash upon payout of buying and selling uTokens themselves. Members can earn rewards for introducing their own team to the business, and as the team keeps on growing they can also earn passive bonus.

    uToken can be purchased only from an official existing member, and different packages of uTokens are available on sale. This is very different than the Bitcoin setup that many digital currency traders are accustomed to.

    These packages are available in 3 types of uToken points, these are:

    • S Point: The online shopping vouchers.
    • P Point: Bunch of products available for free of cost to the member purchasing the package.
    • U Point: It is an uToken multiply voucher.

    The uFUN Group Commission Structure – Truth or Hype?

    ufun truth or hypeThe commission structure and compensation plan of most MLM’s are not ideal but due to the traction uFun Club looks to gain (especially in the USA market compared to Asia) chose to go with the team-incentive model of the popular binary format. Most entrepreneurs love to dive deep into the Truth or Hype discussion because it could be regarded as a ponzi-pyramid scheme or as something that could help international trading and payments go a long way in the future.

    Selling uTokens can be a lucrative business, though it is not compulsory for any member. Selling uTokens can earn you lucrative commission if you buy low and sell high just like people did and have done for years with Bitcoin.

    For promoting and getting someone to join you as a direct referral of uFun, the member gets 7 to 12 percent of the bought package earned (which there are currently 5 different levels to choose from), and as every member grows their network they are rewarded with 7 to 12 percent of the binary compensation plan as well for every new member who joins their organization.

    A Global 1% sell bonus is also awarded to the highest investors which is attracting many big leaguers. The percentage of commission attained depends mainly on the level of the existing member and also the level of the new member joining the group. There are total 5 member levels (1 through 5 star), and any individuals can join or upgrade their levels as per their wish once they decide to get started. This is why we brought this to your attention because the traction this has gained throughout networking circles has been momentous. It really is the classic truth vs hype ordeal that we must decipher for ourselves.

    The company claims to have already made 50 millionaires in the 2014 itself (which we have not seen direct proof of yet), which was only the first year of their operation. So, if you have the network marketing skills and passion, then taking part in this highly-regarded and much-anticipated uFun Group business opportunity can assist you to attain financial freedom…if you are lucky :)


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